"We have found blue skies to be immensely effective in the development of our company, surely our best business decision"

Tourism Development Programmes

The development services that Blue Skies Consultancy Group provide are varied and have been successfully used by both the private and public tourism sectors in overseas countries, normally focusing on the European travel markets, but the principles can be used in a domestic, regional or other continental scenario…they are transferable skills!

Each project is tailored to suit the specific client but in normal practice it can include any or all of the following options, plus additional assistance that is specific to the client at the time.

  • Workshops that give a brief overview of the potential markets and the key areas that need to be identified in relation to developing business – B2B, B2C , export marketing to different sectors, identifying sectors within each market, branding, trade fairs, sustainability etc
  • Extended workshops on specific subjects over a period of time designated by the client on subjects that include but are not limited to: 
    - Export Marketing
    - Business operations
    - Sustainability and Marketing Responsible Tourism
    - Human Resources and Management skills
    - Internet / web development / social media
    - PR and branding in overseas countries
    - On-going business coaching / mentoring both in situ and remotely for individual companies or departments within an organisation / government / private sector.
  • Process and logistics overview for international events, particularly in the field of water sports, though not exclusive to this genre of event.

The work that is carried out can be directly funded by the client or funded via a third party donor organisation as long as it is not the responsibility of Blue Skies Consultancy Group to obtain any third party funding.

The advice given is always formatted in a way that it is about process knowledge transfer so that any company, organisation or government operation is guided and then takes their own actions so that the need for a repeat process is reduced, thus potentially saving monies in the future.

The opportunities are wide and so in the first instance please contact the Principal Consultant, Clive Bishop by email: clive@blueskiesconsultancygroup.co.uk to communicate a framework of what is needed.

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In the first instance please telephone Clive Bishop, Principal Consultant on 01275 340232 for more information on the services offered.

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